Center for Cultivation of Mathematical Science

Mathematics for the other billion

All days except Tuesday and Wednesday, 1:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Calcutta, India

Math Circle Hingalganj

Summer 2018. A sizable team of young mathematicians reached a remote village in Sundarban. CCMS, in collaboration with Swapnapuran resumed the Math Circle Program in Hingalganj.

Math Circle Purulia

Early 2019. In a remote corner of Purulia district in West Bengal, CCMS kicked off another Math Circle Program. Nanritam is our local partner. Srijit Mukherjee, Shubhadip Ghosh, and Swarnabja Bhowmick masterminded the initiation process..

Math Camp Burdwan

In summer 2017, CCMS visited Purbasthali, Burdwan to conduct an advanced seminar in Mathematics. Watch our experience!

Our Mission & Vision

Mathematics for the other billion

CCMS has a simple vision.

Some people have a natural inclination toward mathematical science. We wish to identify and nurture these gifted learners. We work mostly with children from rural India (and economically backward urban region).

Additionally we put a strong emphasis on the use of vernacular language in mathematical education. This is to eliminate the extra step of ‘translation’ in the process of learning. 

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Math Circle . Beautiful Minds . At work .

CCMS Math Circle is a unique program to identify and nurture young talent in mathematical science. Inspired from a similar program in Eastern Europe, we are implementing the program in several corners of rural Bengal.

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১) এই সেদিন আমার সাথে এক স্টেশন মাস্টারের আলাপ হল​। তিনি বললেন, “সবাই ভাবেন আমার কাজটা খুব সোজা। একটা ছোট্ট স্টেশনেও যে কতগুলি টিকিট বিক্রি করতে হয়, সেই সম্বন্ধে কোনো ধারনা নেই তাদের। আমাদের লাইনে ৩০ টা স্টেশন। আর আপ-ডাউন মিলিয়ে প্রতিটি জায়গার জন্যে আলাদা টিকিট আছে”।...

Join the Goliaths!

Join the Goliaths!

CCMS Math Circle Center for Cultivation of Mathematical Science Some of the brilliant kids who rocked the first year of CCMS Math Camp!  CCMS just completed the first year of it’s Math Circle Project. The goal was to find brilliant students outside the cocoon of urban...