CCMS Math Circle

Center for Cultivation of Mathematical Science

Some of the brilliant kids who rocked the first year of CCMS Math Camp! 

CCMS just completed the first year of it’s Math Circle Project. The goal was to find brilliant students outside the cocoon of urban India.

We went to villages hundreds of miles away from Calcutta, teamed up with local schools and run the first cycle of the project all through last year.

Our project took a leaf out of Soviet Union’s experiment with Math Circles. The idea is to expose young students to brilliant problems. These problems provoke critical thinking and inquiry in the student’s mind. The circle coordinator teases the participants with occasional hints but no more.

More than 200 students from 3 remote school made it to the screening camp about a year ago (15th January 2017).

About 50 students attended the monthly math camps all year long. 30 of them made it to the finals held on 15th February 2018.

Now more students want these advanced mathematics camps in their schools. In 2018 we plan to reach out more schools.

The project included:

Screening and Initiation Seminar

Monthly Math Circles

Advanced Problem Lists and Materials

Participating Schools:

Shyambati Vidyapith, Telinaopara, Burdwan
Parulia Kula Kamini High School, Parulia, Burdwan
Kajirchara High School, Bauria,

What is next?

In 2018 we plan to go to more schools, create more math camps, local labs, produce more resources (articles, videos in mother language). You may help too!

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