Second Offline Workshop

Last time we visited Filix School of Education, we had the screening done and also a small workshop in January, 2019.

We again visited in March 2019 and organised a two day workshop there.

Here, we will describe what we did in this exciting workshop.

Let’s walk with us in our journey.

Go through thispost by Ashani Dasgupta. You will love it.

The visiting CCMS Team this time.

Day 1

On the first day, we did two sessions one online elementary session by Ashani Dasgupta on Pappus Theorem for children from class IV to class VII.

The other two sessions are delivered by visiting CCMS Team on Dimensions for class IV and V. Also, we showed the video of the film of Flatland. For class VI and VII, we took a session on an elementary introduction to Group Theory.

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Day 2

The next day, the two sessions are delivered by our visiting team on Derangement, a Puzzle, Display of Napier’s Bone and a Mathematical Game based on Invariants for two different groups.

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When we departed from the site, their smiles, their happiness, and their enthusiasm remained in our hearts forever. We are so happy to help them a little bit.


Some Moments