Day 1

General Online Session with Ashani DasGupta (IV – VII)

Discussion of Pappus Theorem, where he also discussed the extension of the idea of Pappus Theorem to conic sections’ curves like circle and parabola.

Some links of the tutorials and the students’ activities are given below:

  • The video of the online sessions with the children enjoying the video.
  • The video explaining the whole thing briefly by Cheenta.

Few students tried to test the validity of the theorem on another curve that looks like a flower as follows.

Construction of Weights (VI – VII)

Puzzle: There are eight weights. Seven of them are equal weights and the other one is a bit defective and doesn’t weigh the same. Explain how can you find out the odd one out by using a double pan weighing balance.

Symmetry & Permutations (VI – VII)

The idea of this project is to introduce the idea of permutations, odd permutations and even permutations by examples. We took the example of GALOIS and took permutations on it and repeated on it till GALOIS comes back again. We love to let the children learn by working themselves.

We also gave examples to the students by symmetrical arguments. Reflection, Rotations as operations and tried to introduce groups.

The students were just awesome. We gave an example of a three legged person to explain the symmetry same as an equilateral triangle.

One student actually has cut the figure by her hand. It is beautiful.

The Three Legged Figure

The World of Dimensions (Class IV – V)

The children were shown clips of the film Flatland to show how the life of two-dimensional objects looks like. It also let the students realize how different dimensional creatures interact with each other.

Also, we discussed the ideas of intersections and dimensions. Also, why time is a dimension. Some students gave ideas of a time machine and their use to interpret time as a dimension.


Day 2

Second Offline Workshop