Day 2

Interactive Discussion (Class VI РVII )of Derangement Problem 

The children were given the freedom to play among themselves and understand and to see the pattern among the numbers in the derangement problem. There ideas were creative and overwhelming. Their counting skills are honed by this session.

Discussion of a Puzzle (Class VI – VII )

There are three persons A, B, and C on an island. A has 5 logs, B has 3 logs and C has Rs 8. Now C will have to divide the whole money among A and B, how will he divide. [The answer is NOT Rs 5 and Rs 3].

Napier’s Bone (Class VI – VII )

An example of Napier’s Bones to calculate the multiplication of two numbers.

Sparrow Problem (Class IV РV ) [A Problem of Invariants]

Suppose there are six trees around a circle. On each tree there is a sparrow. Now on each move, two sparrows move to their left tree or the right tree. Can after a certain number of steps the sparrows can flock in a single tree?

Our method allow interaction between the children. They did a eal life experiment considering them as sparrows. Then they made group and did experiments using sharpeners and erasers as sparrows. These tells us their capability to abstractify the situation.

This video will give you a glimpse of their beautiful minds.

Hope you enjoyed.

Some Glimpses

Day 1

Second Offline Workshop