Math Circle

Welcome to Math Circle Program

CCMS Math Circle program is designed to discover and nurture outstanding talent from school students.


Math Circles were very popular in the Soviet Union and Eastern European Countries. It is an excellent example of ‘flipped classroom’ practice. Our Math Circle Program is very similar.

Here is how it works:

  1. Selection: A few students are selected (from school) who exhibit above average interest in mathematics.
  2. Sessions: These students meet with one faculty every week for a two-hour session. The faculty provides a short problem sheet to the group. The students discuss amongst each other and try the to solve the problems. The faculty provides occasional hints and conceptual remarks. In particular, the session begins directly with problem-solving and not with a lecture. The faculty never divulges the entire solution.
  3. Resources: Optional reading material and additional problems may be supplied to the participating students.
  4. Evaluation: At the end of each 20-week math circle, we conduct an inter-school mathematics contest. Each school sends a team of 6 students who participate in math olympiad styled 3-hour written contest. Highest scoring team and their trainer are awarded.


If you want your school/coaching center to enroll, email us.

We will:

  • conduct an introductory workshop
  • select the students using a screening test
  • provide 20-week worth of reading or course material and problem sheets
  • conduct a concluding workshop
  • conduct a math contest at the end of the 20-week program
  • provide resource books to teachers

You (or your school) will

  • provide students
  • provide space for conducting workshops and math circle sessions.
  • provide teachers (possibly from your school) who will coordinate the sessions in your school


If you are a student or teacher from a participating school, then please find the course documents here:

Introductory Video

Participating Schools

The following schools are presently participating in our math circle program.