NANRITAM is a non-profit social welfare organization started in 2002 by a few like-minded professionals who had one common inspiration to guide them – Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj of Ramakrishna Mission and his ideal of service to mankind.

Filix School of Education is Nanritam’s response to this hugely felt need enabling the children of Mamata the maid, Sipu the attendant, Dasarath the farmer, Nagar the cook, and many of their ilk to obtain a quality education in English medium side by side with children from economically less disadvantaged families.

We are currently collaborating with Filix School.

The whole structure of the CCMS Math Circle Program

Currently, we have successfully completed the first stage: “Introductory Workshop and Screening Test” and continuing the second. Gradually we will describe and update the whole procedure as it evolves.

This is the CCMS Team in front of NanRitam: From Left (Shubhadip Ghosh, Srijit Mukherjee, Swarnabja Bhowmick)

The Path to Freedom

The Journey Begins

Introductory Workshop and Screening Test (First Stage)

Depending on the curriculum and maturity of the students, we have worked with two groups:
Class III-IV and Class V-VI.

We arranged this first stage for two days.

It consists of an Introductory Session and a Screening Test.

It consists of an Introductory Workshop with the Selected Children.

With this ends our Introductory Workshop and Screening Test (First Stage)

We were flooded with comments like “We will miss you dada”, “We like you dada”. These made us sad, but we were again rejuvenated with the thought of our next visit.

The Sign of our next Visit to Filix School

We thank Nanritam to collaborate with us and let us discover the talents and meet them and spend beautiful time with them. With this ends our Introductory Workshop and Screening Test.

We have started conducting our second stage sessions with the students, where the coordinators coordinate with the students and we provide them the resources.