First Stage – Day 1


First Stage

Day 1:

Introductory Sessions:

We did two sessions consisting of 45 minutes each for the two groups for all the students. We present some moments and enthusiasm from the students and the mentors. The students were very creative. We also mention the topics we tried to impart for the general class of students. We try to involve the children in hands-on activities to enhance their own learning experience. We presented problems in terms of games and real-life problems to make it realistic to the children.

Group 1 (Class III-IV)


  • Discussion 1: Basic Multiplication Principle
    We discussed the following problem: A, B, C are three places. From A to B there are 3 roads and B to C there are 2 roads. So how many different roads are there from A to C.


  • Discussion 2: Addition of first 100 Natural Numbers by Gauss’ Method
    We described the Gauss’ Method to sum up the first hundred natural numbers.
    We were overwhelmed when two students gave the correct idea along which Gauss thought. The students were just awesome.

Some Moments:

This is the introductory session for all class III-IV students.

Enthusiasm Unlimited

Interacting with the Students

Student Describing his Solution

Children Giving Brilliant Solutions

Team Work with Shubhadip Ghosh behind the Camera

Group 2 (Class V-VI)


  • Discussion 1: Counting, Idea of Permutation and Recursion
    We asked the students to count the total number of arrangements of four different colored pencils in a row. They counted very creatively. Then we made a few remarks about the use of recursion and how it helps.


  • Discussion 2: Counting Euler Formula for Polyhedrons
    We used the various polyhedrons, they only built by themselves like the cube, prism, pyramid, etc. We asked them to write down the faces, vertices, edges and calculate the Euler formula for them. They were happy to find out that it is the same for all the polyhedrons.

Some Moments:

Class V-VI Introductory Session


Students Engrossed


This is one of the most important parts of the process because we want to select those students who enjoy thinking. Our selection process quite sufficiently finds that out. We don’t want to bore students. We want the students to enjoy thinking. We want that perseverance.

So, we designed a question paper mainly consisting of subjective problems so that we get to know the students’ ideas and thought process.

We give some few snapshots of the question paper and some brilliant thoughts.

Snapshot of Assessment of III-IV

Snapshot of Assessment of V-VI

After this assessment, we selected some children.

Selected Children

Yes, some of their copies really made us feel very excited. With this excitement and thrill, we went to sleep for the introductory training session with the selected students the next day.

Snapshots into their minds

We present some snapshots into their copies and their thoughts.

Day 2

The next day we did an introductory training session.