First Stage Day 2

Day 1

First Stage

Day 2:


Introductory Training Session:

With these selected children, we did an introductory training session, with two groups. We played games, we solved puzzles together, we enjoyed a lot with these intelligent and creative children.


Training Session for Class III-IV:


  • Discussion 1: Tiling Problems
    Can we tile a board of say 4×6 with dominoes of various sizes? We discussed them by drawing. We also discussed the method of contradiction to show how we cannot tile board with a certain shape. We saw the spark in the children’s eyes while they could solve the problem.


  • Discussion 2: We played a game called Picking the Book
    Two players are there. A certain number of books are arranged around a circle and then the players have to pick either one book or two books side by side. They played among each other and they enjoyed a lot. This is based on the idea of Symmetry in playing games.

Some Moments:


                   Enthusiastic Children


                  Game Time Yaay

             Selected Students Pic III-IV


Training Session for Class V-VI:


  • Discussion 1: Fibonacci Series
    We discussed the famous Fibonacci Problem with an example of rabbits. We also introduced an application of recursion in here. 


  • Discussion 2: We played a game called Josephus Problem
    Josephus Game is the game we played. They were really overjoyed while playing. Some even took calculated steps. Their happiness and enjoyment by problem-solving were the best moments.
    One of the students named Arkadeep made a nice question, what if the process of elimination was in a different way. We loved the question as this is the type of questions and thoughts we want them to spend time on.

    Arkadeep’s try of his own question. We are very happy to see his efforts.

Some Moments:


Game Time

Selected Students V-VI